PDFs of several of my essays and interviews can be found here.

Should We Oppose the Intervention Against ISIS?      A Roundtable Discussion with international law scholar Richard Falk, Syrian opposition activist Rime Allaf, Pakistani journalist Rafia Zakaria & Alan Semo of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD)

Sectarianization & the Trajectory of the Syrian Nightmare
    Interviews with Steven Heydemann & Joshua Landis

Betrayal and Ambivalence
    Syrian Activists & Intellectuals Wrestle with ISIS, Intervention & the Fate of Their Country

Will the Middle East Implode?
    A Review of Mohammed Ayoob's Timely and Important though Partly Flawed Book

From Homs to Azadi Square: An Interview on Iran's Role in the Syrian Conflict

Syria, the Arab Uprisings & the Nature of the Assad Regime
    An Interview with Gilbert Achcar

Teaching John Stuart Mill's On Liberty in Iran
    A Conversation with Political Scientist Norman Finkelstein

Alternative Left Perspectives on Syria
    A Dissident Compendium

Intellectual Inspiration, Personal Confidant, Tennis Partner, Kindred Spirit
    A Tribute to Political Theorist Ike Balbus on His 70th Birthday

Homage to Syria: An Interview with Syrian Writer & Former Political Prisoner Yassin al-Haj Saleh

Interview with Jeffrey Davis on his book Seeking Human Rights Justice in Latin America: Truth, Extra-Territorial Courts, and the Process of Justice

Syria, Russia, and the United Nations: A Response to Bob Dreyfus

End Syria's Starvation Sieges--By Any Means Necessary

The Crisis in Egypt Today: An Interview with Democartic Theorist Mohammad Fadel

Mission Accomplished? Syria, the Antiwar Movement, and the Spirit of Internationalism

No Obvious, Clear-Cut Answer in Syria: An Interview with Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel       By Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi, for IranWire

A Deeply Flawed Argument for a Very Good Idea
    Review of Going to Tehran: Why the United States Must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iranby Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett

Democratic Rhapsody and Anxiety in Postrevolutionary Tunisia

Hugo Chávez and the Middle East: Which Side Was He On?

Remembering Fred Halliday in Chicago

Iran, the Left and the Non-Aligned Movement: A Guide for the Perplexed

Tough Acts to Follow
    A Tribute to Tony Judt and Dan Born

‘Go Ahead, Try and Make Me Pay You’: Wage Theft and S.B. 1070 (co-authored with Ted Smukler)         How Arizona's Draconian Immigration Law Led to a Spike in Labor Violations

Why Peace Activists Should Take an Active Interest in the Green Movement in Iran (co-authored with Nader Hashemi)

Iran and Peace Activists: Clarifying the Confusion (co-authored with Nader Hashemi)

Revolutionary Prefigurations: The Green Movement, Critical Solidarity, and the Struggle for Iran's Future

Pretzel Logic on the American Left: The Green Movement, the Basij and the Question of Violence

The Specter Haunting Iran

The Iranian Left & the Legacy of the 1979 Revolution
    A Debate with Maziar Behrooz, author of Rebels with a Cause: The Failure of the Left in Iran, Chris Cutrone of the Platypus Society & Kaveh Ehsani of MERIP

Counter-Revolution and Revolt in Iran: An Interview with Iranian Political Scientist Hossein Bashiriyeh

My Anxieties about Religion and Raising my Children

The Art of Uncertainty
    Engaging my Favorite Responses to my Essay on My Anxieties about Religion and Raising my Children

"I'm Not Dangerous"
    Report on the Aftermath of a Workplace Immigration Raid in Mississippi

Iran Panic?
    Debating the Prospects of a US or Israeli Attack on Iran at the End of Bush's Presidency

Targeting Iran: Review of David Barsamian's Book of Interviews with Nahid Mozaffari, Ervand Abrahamian & Noam Chomsky

Moving Targets: An Interview with Tzvetan Todorov
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The Neoconservatives' Very Special Relationship with an Islamist-Stalinist Death Cult

Remember Our Real Iranian Friends
    What Michel Foucault and Jean-Paul Sartre Might Say about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chávez & the Left

What Kind of Atheist was Richard Rorty?
    Sorting Out the Philosopher's Complicated Views on Religion, Secularism, and Humanism

Richard Rorty's Final Thoughts
    The Final Interview with the Philosopher Before his Untimely Death in 2007

Why we should simultaneously oppose US bellicosity vs. Iran and support Iranian dissidents
An interview with me by Scott McLemee

Ideas Whose Time has Come: A Conversation with Iranian Philosopher Ramin Jahanbegloo

A Serious Lapse in Editorial Judgment
    Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the Tortured 'Confession' of a Jailed Iranian Intellectual, and a Magazine that Should Have Known Better

Who is Responsible? An Interview with Fred Halliday

What Iranian Liberals Can Teach the West
    Thinking about Political Philosophy Through a Persian Prism

The 'End of History' Revisited: Francis Fukuyama and his Critics
    Introducing a Debate on the New Afterword to Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man

My Interview with the Legendary Studs Terkel [Part One]

My Interview with the Legendary Studs Terkel [Part Two]

On Exile, Philosophy, & Tottering Insecurely on the Edge of an Unknown Abyss (PDF)
    The Final Interview with Philosopher Leszek Kolakowski

Camus, Sartre, and Us: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel That Ended It
    An Interview with Ron Aronson

Anatomy of a Schism: Fukuyama's Break with the Neocons over the Iraq War

Conservative Divisions over the Iraq War
    Realists, Libertarians and Paleocons Get Fed up with Bush and the Neocons

How Tensions on the Right Almost Brought Down the House of Bush
    Talk of a Post-Election Neocon Purge and the Possible Realignment of the Republican Party

The Warped Vision of John Gray
    A Review Essay on Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals and Al Qaeda and What it Means to Be Modern by John Gray

Noble Lies and Perpetual War: Leo Strauss, the Neo-Cons, and Iraq
    An interview with Shadia Drury

The Enduring Legacy of George Orwell
    Scenes from a Conference on the Writer's 100th Birthday

Out of African Studies
    Gavin Kitching's Manifesto About Why He Left the Field Hits a Nerve

Jews and the Enlightenment
    A profile of intellectual historian Adam Sutcliffe

Letter to America: An Interview with Philosopher Jürgen Habermas on the Eve of the Iraq War

Sidney Hook, an Intellectual Street Fighter, Reconsidered
    Report on a Conference

The Biographical Turn in Philosophy
    What does this growing genre tell us about philosophy? A debate among philosophers

Revisiting the Brink
    A profile of James Blight, architect of 'Critical Oral History'

Islamic Studies' Young Turks
    A new generation changes the debate

The Awful Truth: A photography exhibition unearths the painful history of lynching in America

Were There Jews in the Nazi Army?
    An historian says thousands of Hitler's soldiers had mixed heritage

Is Race Real? How Does Identity Matter?
    A profile of philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah

A profile of international journalist, intellectual historian & human rights theorist Michael Ignatieff

Democracy and the Foreigner
    A profile of political theorist Bonnie Honig

Citizen of a Lost Country: An Interview with Bogdan Denitch

An Interview with Chilean Writer Ariel Dorfman
    With a Translation of his Open Letter to General Pinochet

Women and the Surrealist Revolution
    An Interview with Poet, Painter, Writer & Editor Penelope Rosemont

How the Irish Became White
    An interview with Historian and Critical Race Theorist Noel Ignatiev
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